Legal Services Market of Hainan

[This is my own translation of my earlier post] This is one of the two articles I wrote during my internship at Intelligeast. Note that this post is my own final draft and is slightly different from the version published by Intelligeast’s official WeChat account. Should disputes arise, the WeChat version shall prevail. Again, I …


[I will upload my own English translation of this piece later] 这是我之前在智合实习时写的两篇主要文章之一。放在这里的是我本人的最终稿,和“智合”公众号上的可能有所出入。若有数据或陈述上不同的,以智合公众号版本为准。在这里仍然要再次感谢我的编辑 Wendy 和 Richard!